Malpractice [noun]

Definition of Malpractice:

abuse, misconduct

Synonyms of Malpractice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Malpractice:

Sentence/Example of Malpractice:

Speaking to state legislators on March 26, the head of the medical society, Chip Baggett, said his members didn’t yet have the resources they needed and were anxious about the potential for malpractice lawsuits.

A government investigation revealed several malpractices and Apple has since pressed pause on business with the Taiwanese company.

Suddenly advertisements pop up for medical malpractice lawyers, but you haven’t told anyone about the surgery and you certainly didn’t post about it on social media.

So, there will be claims associated with medical malpractice because people will believe patients haven’t been treated appropriately for the pandemic, for instance.

To play it poorly, or not at all, is to commit institutional malpractice.

But it is certainly true that the State has the right to prevent malpractice—a right none of us would wish renounced.

Driven from San Francisco for malpractice, he turned up in Denver, where he again aroused the authorities to action.

Upon inquiry I found the lawyer was but just disbarred for some malpractice, and the discovery added excessively to my disquiet.

But for this very reason no doctor dare accuse another of malpractice.

Only monsters smoke at meals, but a monster assured me that Gorgonzola best survives this malpractice.