Mismanagement [noun]

Definition of Mismanagement:

abuse, misconduct

Synonyms of Mismanagement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mismanagement:

Sentence/Example of Mismanagement:

To the mismanagement of the guides is attributed much of the blame for its failure.

"Then there must be some gross mismanagement, sir," said Dunn, haughtily.

But now they could not fail to see that, in some points at least, there had been gross mismanagement.

The proof of it was the mismanagement of the rebel interests.

It must be the fruit of our own mismanagement or slothfulness or vices.

But from the mismanagement of those in charge there was no other there.

This letter betrays the impatience of General Toombs over any mismanagement.

Then when I did prove it, I saw only dishonesty in the kitchen, and extravagance and mismanagement of my own.'

That there had been mismanagement somewhere was but too evident.

On reaching the tree, however, there appeared to be some mismanagement.