Crime [noun]

Definition of Crime:

offense against the law

Opposite/Antonyms of Crime:

Sentence/Example of Crime:

Facial recognition, cameras that were set up throughout cities to monitor crime.

She could also qualify for a legal status known as a U visa, which is intended for immigrant victims of crime.

Most crimes committed by documented gang members are crimes of poverty.

Those results will now be uploaded to an FBI database to be cross-referenced from results from other crimes to potentially identify perpetrators.

In 2020 as in 1998, Disney’s Mulan is a tomboy who disgracefully fails her matchmaker’s marriage test, and in this version, too, Mulan’s deception is a capital crime.

The Florida Police Benevolent Association has challenged the public release of the police officer’s name, citing a 2018 state law that protects crime victims’ privacy.

She noted that from 2017 through early this year, crime, including violent offenses, dropped even as her office was implementing reforms.

Some of these crimes were streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.

Scholars still don’t agree on the causes of a decadeslong nationwide decline in crime.

He was thrashed at school before the Jews and the hubshi, for the heinous crime of bringing home false reports of progress.