Villainy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Villainy:

They are presented as good and evil, as vice and virtue, as villainy and heroism.

An A1 piece of villainy was on, and they were conversing in low tones.

Think of the cheek and villainy of that, and then speak to me of talking wildly!'

Did man ever hear of such a villainy—to fire a good ship in her misfortune?

Gubblum understood no more than that villainy had been at work.

There was no villainy for which I was not ripe that night, it seemed.

If he must suffer for his villainy, at least there would be compensations.

His imagination had taken fire that night, and it had ripened him for any villainy.

I had thought that my ward, at least, had been sacred from his villainy.

At least he had made no bones about the fact of his villainy.