Wrongdoing [noun]

Definition of Wrongdoing:


Synonyms of Wrongdoing:

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Sentence/Example of Wrongdoing:

She smiled condescendingly, like a mother does when a child admits a wrongdoing.

Does your good uncle know or suspect this wrongdoing of yours?

So it is for the teacher, more than the pupil, to beware of wrongdoing.

She was his friend, and her heart ached because of his wrongdoing.

She was conscious of a feeling of wrongdoing yet she did not recognize it as such.

Her masters made money by her wrongdoing, and he would not have their patronage.

But if I catch them in any wrongdoing and I can manage it, I am going to have both of them arrested.

A fate that like the fiat of Deity says "Thou shalt not," to all wrongdoing.

I did not know then that success in wrongdoing was ever a failure.

If there are rules, there is the sense of wrongdoing in the breach of them.