Sinfulness [noun]

Definition of Sinfulness:

sin, evil

Synonyms of Sinfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinfulness:

Sentence/Example of Sinfulness:

In my sinfulness I merit bitter disappointment, and I accept it.'

He remained alive, and blessed are those who live, if it is only to a sense of sinfulness.

He was full of an overwhelming sense of his own wretchedness and sinfulness.

They were a special plague sent by God for their sinfulness.'

Its sinfulness will be shown by the contrast with the Christ-life.

His love and power are more than thy slowness and sinfulness.

How, then, is he to blame mankind for inheriting "sinfulness" from their first parents?

They were never quite settled on the point of the sinfulness of the pleasure.

There are follies that are to be laughed out of their silliness and sinfulness.

Ah, Mr. Dale, when one thinks of the sinfulness there is in this life!