Heinousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Heinousness:

I think that if everybody thought, as I think, of the moral heinousness of this offence, nobody would be guilty of it.

She had it placed inside the altar rails, and fought the cure afterwards in the vestry as to the heinousness of the proceeding.

In Persia, where men bow to the king's will as to the will of a god, this crime will be seen in all its heinousness.

The sin was to be committed, and there would be no compensation to its heinousness in the way of profit to his inn.

Plutina, strong-nerved as she was, found herself shuddering as she realized the heinousness of this thing.

Now that his excitement was gone, he saw the heinousness of the sin he had been about to commit in all its deformity.

She was with me in the carriage before I became conscious of the heinousness of the act I had committed.

Their regard for them gains over their acquaintances, whilst the heinousness of the proceeding gains over the crowd.

Where release is so easily obtained, the estimate of the heinousness of sin is correspondingly slight.

It is a realizing sense of the nature and guilt of sin; of its heinousness and damnable character.