Massiveness [noun]

Definition of Massiveness:


Synonyms of Massiveness:

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Sentence/Example of Massiveness:

There was massiveness in the desk that stood opposite the hall door, near a window.

This big lad, who had the massiveness and gentleness of a Fleming, was a protege of Lisa's.

The Old Schloss is impressive mainly by its massiveness and its august dome.

All these public edifices have a uniform character of massiveness and solidity.

Nothing remains to the dishonored sepulchres, except their massiveness.

Most of the works of the Mound Builders are noticeable for their solidity and massiveness.

Oh, the massiveness of the intellects of the old classic writers!

It is only when seen from a distance that its massiveness manifests itself.

The crucial point seems therefore to be the massiveness of the jaw.

In their massiveness they are unsurpassed save by the mandible from Mauer.