Ponderosity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ponderosity:

What does the lightest of substances do in this ponderosity?

The ponderosity of her mind was only equaled by that of her body.

The ponderosity and solemnity of the little court occasionally tickled him, and he laughed openly.

He might just as well have called it weight or ponderosity, which means the same as gravity.

Ponderosity, profundity and insipidity may have their place, but the man with Charm of Manner keeps his capital active.

But he, fearing the ponderosity of her hand, rarely submitted; his spinal column being delicate, he dared not risk it.

Bodies that have the least ponderosity would presently sink under water.

Yet did he also bow low under the weight of his own ponderosity, as the author of such a vast load of literature.

"Oh, everything comes here," said Beaton, impatient of the elder's ponderosity.

Certainly he was not in the least graceful; that 'ponderosity' of his could in no way be repressed.