Magnitude [noun]

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You take all these pieces, put them together as a whole, and you realize the magnitude that conservative space in our society right now, whether it’s corporate America, Hollywood, the media, social media platforms, et cetera.

When the region was struck by quakes of magnitude 6 or higher, the Velino aquifer springs released more than 600 metric tons of CO2 per day.

Ocean drilling expeditions have repeatedly probed those lightless depths and uncovered cells that survive almost in suspended animation, consuming orders of magnitude less energy than their neighbors at the surface.

We know that some lakes are producing 10,000 kilograms of carbon per year — orders of magnitude lower, in terms of biomass production, than is typical of lakes that aren’t covered by ice — but they’re still eking out an existence.

Those numbers, however, fail to capture the magnitude of the mounting crisis.

The researchers estimate the link efficiency of the satellite-based approach system is 11 orders of magnitude higher than the alternative approach for delivering quantum keys.

Yet by the time that expelled water finds its way past the outer mucus house, the motion has slowed by three orders of magnitude.

Brian Dean listed the content freshness and magnitude of updates in his 210 Google ranking factors.

The liquid metal connections are currently two orders of magnitude wider than the nanowires, so each one connects to many photosensors, and it’s only possible to attach 100 wires to the back of the retina.

Loss aversion, first described by the psychologists Danny Kahneman and Amos Tversky, notes that people are generally more sensitive to losses than to gains, even if they’re equal in magnitude.