Discreetness [noun]

Definition of Discreetness:


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Sentence/Example of Discreetness:

Then another thing is caution—discreetness; not saying anything censorious or critical of other men, no matter what they do.

They were fine and edifying in parts, but lacked the discreetness and holding back I always find in Mr. Plutarch.

You have not taken the discreetness I have shown into consideration, although you were interested in remaining silent.

You may depend upon me to be discreetness itself, at least until after Dick has been safely shipped.

After all, you know, I think that discreetness is just talk.

Would they be boilin' us the night wid the discreetness of 'em?

You were discreetness itself, and the man you called Barney was a capital actor, and a rare good fellow too.

An old man began haranguing the constantly growing crowd, made up largely of those whose curiosity surpassed discreetness.

But I had begun with better understanding and more discreetness to help the poor people at Cottisbourne.

Discreetness, therefore, was instructed to reign at the Abbey.