Prudery [noun]

Definition of Prudery:


Opposite/Antonyms of Prudery:

Sentence/Example of Prudery:

This may seem like vanity or prudery; but no matter what it appears, if it be right.

You, at one time, thought me guilty of some degree of Prudery.

Prudery is, so to speak, sexual modesty codified and dogmatized.

The prudery that was itself a sin had penetrated the armor of her innocence.

It was difficult to associate Beth with the idea of prudery or affectation.

In avoiding French freedom, we often substitute an Anglo-American prudery.

I'm sick of this prudery which throws its own hideousness over all it sees.

With their platitudes, their prudery, and their chastity, they make for death.

To affectation and prudery the French women are equally strangers.

Ere night this jealous garment will have lost half its prudery.