Priggishness [noun]

Definition of Priggishness:


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Sentence/Example of Priggishness:

I hope I am not a prig, and, whatever I am or am not, priggishness had no part in my feelings then.

Religion, indigestion, priggishness, or discontent may drape the panes.

She had been proud of her virtue; and virtue, again, was only an equivalent for priggishness.

The priggishness of this pleased him, and would probably amuse her.

It is an atmosphere impregnated with priggishness and a sense of superiority.

My priggishness—talking so much about Truth and then—the things I do.

Just a touch of priggishness here; but remember, Henry was young.

It was not a rebuke for priggishness; it was the unpresentable statement of a fact.

He found that perplexing suspicion of priggishness affecting him again.

He was forcing me into an attitude of priggishness which I regretted.