Coyness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coyness:

In general, the girl-child, when in love, displays far less coyness and reserve than the young woman.

"Well, I'm sure you're among friends when you're here," Mrs. O'Brien said with a downcast look of melting coyness.

We struck up an acquaintance with him, after a few days of coyness on his part, and finally made him a friend.

Maiden coyness and love of liberty might make her as willing to elude his approach as her friends could wish.

Mrs. Butters' coyness and refusal to be embraced because of the flask of coffee in her bosom is an instance of this.

Resting her white elbows on Ethridge's desk and eyeing him with calculating coyness, Lucy knew that he had not read the stories.

Was she going to forget her cruelty and coyness and show herself to me over the water at last, at the latest possible moment?

The only thing that worried him now was the coyness about shooting.

She yielded to temptation, but with becoming coyness and modesty.

Your lover has fallen under the law; what then can you lose, by raising the veil of maidenly coyness a little?