Bashfulness [noun]

Definition of Bashfulness:


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Sentence/Example of Bashfulness:

The young assistant's bashfulness commended him to his mother-in-law's good graces.

The glance which she took of him seemed to be one rather of uncertainty and hesitation, than of bashfulness or timidity.

There was the bed, certainly, if I could conquer my bashfulness and make use of it.

The virgin's reserve before man is but a very moderate bashfulness if compared with the pell-mell flight of a young mole intacta.

Frank did so, rather reluctantly, and seated himself with unwonted bashfulness on the edge of a chair.

Her encouraging solicitations, however, conquered his bashfulness, and he drank till he became intoxicated.

To my pleased inquiries as to the cause of his return, he finally murmured with pretty bashfulness, "I were homesick for you!"

Several weeks passed on, when one morning she came to me in the sweetest confusion, the loveliest mixture of bashfulness and joy.

I remember well with what mingled bashfulness and pride I entered the room, with Margot holding my hand.

He was also at the age when bashfulness held him in reserve, even though he were in love and intensely emotional.