Abashment [noun]

Definition of Abashment:


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Sentence/Example of Abashment:

The tone was puzzled rather tan harsh, yet Elsie shrank back in sudden abashment.

Mr. Garland accepted the introduction with signs of abashment, but stated his business simply.

He will tell you with pride rather than with abashment that he is an empleado—a State dependent.

A young man with a record clean enough to permit him to look an accusative world in the face without abashment, one would say.

Crimsoning, Alrek fell from his hill of scorn to the valley of abashment.

As soon as Ned and I could recover from our abashment, we also said good morning.

On her countenance there was visible neither abashment nor pride.

If abashed at heart, at least the world should be uninformed of that abashment.

And much to my abashment he and the old man fell upon my neck and kissed me on both cheeks.

Without the slightest abashment, but rather as a superior, the King looked down at the young Sultan.