Mortification [noun]

Definition of Mortification:


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Sentence/Example of Mortification:

But, to my mortification and surprise, you persisted, and still persist.

But go on, Miss: your mortification will be the greater; that's all, child.

"Never," said Almeria, with a sudden feeling of mortification.

Belinda assured her that she felt no mortification from the disappointment.

He had never been sent to school, lest he should meet with mortification.

It was thought that shame and mortification at his failure had driven him away for ever.

I laid down the letter, and, full of mortification, went walking about the room.

He looked back upon the scene with mortification and astonishment.

Others have sought in agony and mortification of mind the vision which was denied them.

Was he not leading a life of great austerity and mortification of the flesh?