Discomposure [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Discomposure:

The weather had distempered even this impassive creature; and as I went on upstairs I was the less ashamed of my own discomposure.

Despite the assurance which he affected, the discomposure of his features betrayed the sensations that agitated him.

His face looked a little less bronzed than usual, but he showed no other sign of discomposure.

His hat was in his hand, and his body was obsequiously bent, but there was no discomposure in his lifeless voice and manner.

Fortunately, neither Sir Edgar nor Adam noticed her discomposure.

His discomposure was greatly augmented when he reached that apartment.

While this brutal sentence was read Montrose showed no sign of discomposure.

There was not the least shadow on her face, not the least discomposure in her manner.

My mistress was standing alone on the hearth-rug, with an appearance of great discomposure in her face and manner.

The fine brown eyes of the woman smoldered a little, but she continued to gaze without the least discomposure.