Diabolism [noun]

Definition of Diabolism:

supernatural power; appearance

Opposite/Antonyms of Diabolism:

Sentence/Example of Diabolism:

Of actual diabolism prior to the date I have named, there is, I believe, only the solitary accusation made by Mgr.

Before the year 1891 the diabolism identified with Masonry was almost exclusively intellectual.

The two orders are further distinguished as unorganised and as organised diabolism.

Strange that a devil has to break down a door like a common man; but after all, his strength itself is a diabolism.'

As a result of the night's diabolism ten dead bodies were brought on deck in the morning.

He was allowed to work in peace, and in a short time the reign of diabolism at Bicetre was ended.

One aspect of the recent stories of diabolism is the subtleness by which the evil is suggested.

These curious and revolting stories are advanced instances of scientific diabolism and leave a smear on the mind.

Now that cat, the spirit and essence of darkness, the forerunner of diabolism, was true to the symbol.

They are the logic of Bedlam, the morality of the pirate ship, the diabolism of the pit.