Delicacy [noun]

Definition of Delicacy:

daintiness, fineness of structure

Synonyms of Delicacy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delicacy:

Sentence/Example of Delicacy:

Flowers, fruits, and insects were her favorite subjects, and were painted with rare delicacy.

I think that he had more virtuosity, and yet more delicacy of feeling, than either Rubinstein or Blow.

The officer, with less delicacy of attention to the supposed slumbers of an invalid, followed him.

Many of these pipes are sculptured from the most obdurate stones and display great delicacy of workmanship.

He evidently avoided taking a share in the discussion of his Transatlantic career, probably from delicacy to his English auditor.

It is reckoned a great delicacy, but, for my own part, I found its flesh rather dry.

This is what Kielland does, displaying in the doing of it, an uncommon delicacy of perception and accuracy of perspective.

The charm of style, the delicacy of touch, and felicity of phrase, are in both cases preeminent.

The Chinese esteem it as a great delicacy and mix it with fowl and vegetables.

If you decline gracefully, he will appreciate the delicacy which makes you refuse.