Fragility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fragility:

Perhaps it was also the sombreness of her attire which gave a look of fragility—an almost painful fragility—to her appearance.

This one was about the same size, and gave the same impression of fragility.

Her form, too, seemed to have shrunken, and the loose tea-gown which she wore enhanced the fragility of her appearance.

The elasticity and fragility of glass are among its most extraordinary phenomena.

The first was the fragility of the plaster surface upon which it was displayed.

The little old rag of a morning robe she wore added to her pallor and gave her an unaccustomed look of fragility.

This, from her manner, her deceptive look of fragility everywhere drooping with regret, was patent.

But this aspect of fragility was without any suggestion of feebleness.

The warm room had given him a high colour, which increased his air of fragility.

The bird can of its nature go upwards, because fragility is force.