Frailty [noun]

Definition of Frailty:

weakness, flaw

Synonyms of Frailty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frailty:

Sentence/Example of Frailty:

Equally vital is Goths’ ability to find humor, irony and beauty in supposedly “ugly” sources, such as flowers that grow by a cemetery or the absurd frailties of the aging body.

You’ve also taken a mature position on your parents and their frailties.

He who shall pass judgment on the records of our life is the same that formed us in frailty.

In the after days he won yet more glory and confidence, despite this showing of human frailty.

Mr. Seward was no exception to this common frailty among mankind.

He dreamt of man, but chiefly of God—of Gods goodness and greatness, of mans impotence and frailty.

One always looks with some suspicion—such is the frailty of editorial and other samples of human nature!

Annoyances caused by human frailty and the working of natural agents beset every practical housekeeper.

The very frailty of tenure by which their son had always held his life was in itself a daily burden to the parents.

The very contrast between his frailty and his dignity exalts the name of his Creator, Who judges not as we judge.