Decrepitude [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Decrepitude:

So they are spared the anguish of slow, uncomprehending decrepitude.

It stretched out its boughs to the sea and its branches to the river, and it was the ancient trunk that gave signs of decrepitude.

Your noble tower must need no help, must be sustained by no crutches, must give place to no suspicion of decrepitude.

But ileuede is not used elsewhere in L, and would connote decrepitude.

It seemed to be a child, for it had but childhood's growth; yet the body had the clumsy decrepitude of old age.

They despised the military decrepitude of the superannuated city; her recollections they hated.

A debauched old degenerate marrying the daughter of his mistress because her eighteen years attracts his vicious decrepitude.

At their loss or disappearance occasioned by decrepitude or death, ariseth what is called distress.

In no other respects, bodily or mental, did he exhibit signs of decrepitude.

This awkwardness created an impression of feebleness and decrepitude.