Corpulence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Corpulence:

A large Norman woman, as ugly as her mistress was pretty, but tender and sympathetic in direct proportion to her corpulence.

These insignias, coupled with the extraordinary corpulence of the rider, designated Louis the Lusty to Fergan.

The person who attracted the notice of the mighty Maynebrace was tall, inclined to corpulence, and bowed in the shoulders.

He was tall, and of one of those athletic forms in which vigour in youth is too often followed by corpulence in age.

He was apparently vigorous, being short, thick-necked, and inclined to corpulence.

But the effect was a recurrence of his former corpulence and ill health.

He was a man of middle height, rather inclined to corpulence, and about fifty years of age.

Despite his enormous corpulence, Abbot Fortunat bounded up from his bed.

The second Roundel seems, on the other hand, to belong to his later life, when he so often alluded to his corpulence.

His was a large, well-proportioned frame that suggested, not corpulence but physical power.