Enfeeblement [noun]

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Upon this ensued headaches, sore-throat, general enfeeblement.

Admitting all this, however, these intellectual changes are not the principal cause of the enfeeblement of the church.

There is still another cause that to many men destroys the purpose of marriage: the physical enfeeblement of women.

The result of all these influences is a general enfeeblement of the frame in the working-class.

The mental symptoms are marked by greater facility and enfeeblement, while the paralysis of all the muscles steadily advances.

This latter condition, characterized by delusions of persecution, mental enfeeblement and loss of memory, is hopelessly incurable.

If the enfeeblement is due to failure of development or brain damage Senile Insanity.

A temporary illness, he called it, the natural enfeeblement following upon a prolonged bout with Yucatan fever.

It produces enfeeblement and degeneration of the race, and leads to extinction by causing sterility.

The enfeeblement of the church, in all the generations, has been largely due to this cause.