Depletion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Depletion:

A long, dreamless sleep took instant charge of him, for he was exhausted to a state of utter depletion.

Four people at table means a depletion of your smoked meat and a dipping occasionally into the corned-beef barrel.

And so, with little acquisitions of powder, and steady depletion, Washington was never for a day properly supplied.

This species has been highly commended as a remedy in dysentery after due depletion, diarrhea, menorrhagia, and leucorrhea.

These affections of the brain and nervous system are aggravated by depletion.

And then Smith's Pocket was found to be only a pocket, and subject, like other pockets, to depletion.

The depletion and anodynes of the physician were administered in vain.

Under ordinary conditions the depletion of the firing line for this purpose will be from one-fifth to one-half of its strength.

The process of repletion and depletion is produced by the attraction of like to like, after the manner of the universal motion.

A ton of shells from a region of depletion will also include a number of the smallest and not strictly marketable shells.