Debility [noun]

Definition of Debility:

incapacity, weakness

Synonyms of Debility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Debility:

Sentence/Example of Debility:

For those who don’t die, the outcome can still be prolonged and severe debility.

He feared she might not rally again; that the extreme debility might prevent it: and he said as much to Hyde in private.

I tried Sanatogen on a woman suffering from extreme neurasthenia and debility.

His health was such that he could take no solid food; sleep had left him; his debility was extreme.

Used immoderately, it exhausts both the mental and bodily powers, and produces great debility.

The last and hardest trial of all—long debility and frequent illness—had failed to shake this intense serenity.

This is not a question of organic debility unable to endure a too substantial, too hard, too highly spiced dish.

I was, I am certain, not subject to such general debility and lassitude of the system, after considerable bodily exercise.

The gentleman himself appears not to have had the slightest suspicion that the debility had any connection with the diet.

A similar preparatory fast, and succeeding state of debility, accompany every change of the larva's skin.