Incubus [noun]

Definition of Incubus:

evil spirit

Synonyms of Incubus:

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Sentence/Example of Incubus:

She is betrayed in the usual manner, and finds, when too late, that she is embracing a hairy incubus which has a long tail.

Everything in life looked too bright since I succeeded in ridding myself of this incubus, and, then I found you.

Penniless and dclasse, the beautiful fugitive was an embarrassing incubus to her Roman relations.

Even in times when we felt no personal danger, this incubus of savage life all around weighed on our hearts.

The Marconi scandal was an incubus which lay heavily on the Government throughout the year.

In short, having now no disturbance I continued to sleep for some time, till a second paroxysm of Incubus awoke me.

I could relate a number of instances where the visions accompanying paroxysms of Incubus, have been of the most terrific kind.

Propino Vomitorium liquidum, cujus usu cum copiosa mucosa rejecisset, non rediit Incubus.

One fixed idea was ever like an incubus upon my soul,—the thought of my mother's marriage with this club-footed hunchback.

So, along with all the rest of the harmony-killers, I am saddled for life with this ornithological incubus.