God [noun]

Definition of God:

supernatural being worshipped by people

Opposite/Antonyms of God:


Sentence/Example of God:

Over four days, we tallied 160,000 vertical feet of descents—per person—while the weather gods delivered snow and brutal cold.

Snakes, it appears, may have also whispered beyond the grave, serving as a messenger between the gods and a worshipper.

Venerated as the god of mercy, compassion, and even pets, the deity is revered as a Bodhisattva.

Another popular myth pertains to how Amaterasu locked herself in a cave after having a violent altercation with Susanoo, the storm god.

In an interesting note, Yebisu is also the god of jellyfishes, given his initial boneless form.

The supernaturalist alleges that religion was revealed to man by God, and that the form of this revelation is a sacred book.

Each religion claims that its own Bible is the direct revelation of God, and is the only true Bible teaching the only true faith.

Elyon is the name of an ancient Phœnician god, slain by his son El, no doubt the “first-born of death” in Job xviii.

But if God made man, then God is responsible for all man's acts and thoughts, and therefore man cannot sin against God.

He felt himself the meanest, vilest thing a-crawl upon this sinful earth, and she—dear God!