Omnipotent [adjective]

Definition of Omnipotent:


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Sentence/Example of Omnipotent:

Does R—— flatter himself that his power over my heart is omnipotent?

But if I am weak, the omnipotent support to which I look is strong.

You worship no omnipotent and ineffable essence; you believe in no omnipotent and ineffable essence.

For she knew that goodness was omnipotent to save and to comfort.

The tamers were now omnipotent in comparison with the tamed.

His sway over that body was such that it was described as “omnipotent.”

One felt that the vast primeval forces were omnipotent there.

The eternal question:—if God be only Omnipotent Good, why the existence of evil?

The Gods, omnipotent or not, ran the world and everything in it.

It was a matter of course that she should begin with the omnipotent pontiff at Ferney.