Immobility [noun]

Definition of Immobility:

disinclination to move; lifelessness

Synonyms of Immobility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immobility:

Sentence/Example of Immobility:

And there they were, all frozen to immobility by the sound of two men's voices raised in heated discussion.

She continued to crouch on the steps, holding her breath and stiffening herself into complete immobility.

It had had, he owned, its temporary value, as the necessary rebellion against fatalism and immobility and privilege.

Her voice was ice-cold, like her body, which seemed to be frozen into immobility.

She made no sound and seemed to be frozen into immobility by the import of the information.

Newark was like Jackson Heights; same stony immobility of inhabitants, same sense of life stopped at full tide in the streets.

Passive resistance takes on heroic proportions when a duchess and a man-servant confront the Law with haughty immobility.

In pathology, stiffness or immobility of a joint naturally moveable.

Nevertheless, this appearance of immobility in the midst of progressing society was one advantage of Roman manners.

She could not but perceive his emotion; the tribute of a glance beyond control, despite the proud immobility of his features.