Deadness [noun]

Definition of Deadness:

disinclination to move; lifelessness

Synonyms of Deadness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deadness:

Sentence/Example of Deadness:

Men mourn at the infidelity of the times, at the coldness of some, at the deadness of others.

Her eyes were not fixed and motionless, though there was a certain sort of deadness in them.

Protestantism showed its deadness by producing no monastic institutions: there was no sign more convincing to his mind than this.

It has not the freshness of spring, nor yet the fruitfulness of summer, neither has it the deadness of winter.

She looked searching into my eyes, as if straining to force her blocked telepath sense through the deadness of the area.

Here the deadness of the region seemed further enlivened by several small birds, speckled and gray, two ravens, and a hawk.

Her cocksure intensity could not fail to impress me in my present state of deadness; I listened as if to oracles.

Imagine the deadness of heart that must prevail in that poor wretch who never hears the sweet words of praise or of encouragement.

When she had spoken to the Secretary of that 'deadness that steals over me at times', her fortitude had made too little of it.

She was conscious of herself and Laurence as a double deadness on either side of the living unrelated vision.