Passivity [noun]

Definition of Passivity:

disinclination to move; lifelessness

Synonyms of Passivity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Passivity:

Sentence/Example of Passivity:

But no matter for his passivity, Mackenzie did not trust him.

This would lead to passivity and not to activity on the part of the pupils.

In a curious state of passivity, Soames submitted to the operation.

These passive traits are intensely active in their passivity.

Every activity proposes to itself a passivity, every labor enjoyment.

She was created with that passivity of soul which is always the mirror of the active world.

Neither from passivity nor from anxiety has it anything to gain.

But this passivity should by no means involve suppression of self-activity.

In passivity, in economy, in the instinct of tradition, in unexpectedness.

She watched and waited with a passivity that was to a man of his disposition her best lure.