Dowager [noun]

Definition of Dowager:

old woman

Synonyms of Dowager:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dowager:


Sentence/Example of Dowager:

How little did he divine that the letter of the doctor was called forth by a communication from the countess-dowager.

The old dowager's voice toned down, and she pulled her black feathers straight upon her head.

The doctor had been spending Easter at Cannes, and the dowager had devoutly prayed that he might not yet return.

And the countess-dowager fanned herself complacently, and neither she nor Maude cared for the absence of a groomsman.

The countess-dowager was not very adroit at spelling and composition, whether French or English, as you observe.

Hedges had to go on his way also, for it was close upon the countess-dowager's dinner-hour, at which ceremony he must attend.

That accomplished, I shall arrest the Dowager and her son and every jackanapes within that castle.

The countess-dowager sat fanning herself quietly: for her daughter's words were gaining ground.

Strange perhaps to say, the suggestion of the old dowager, like instilled poison, was making its way into her very veins.

The Dowager's fears were banished from her mind at that, and with them went all thought of conciliating Valerie.