Degeneracy [noun]

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Among High Churchmen, weakened by the secession, the growth of degeneracy was still more evident.

But in the course of time the Avesta was subjected to many additions and interpretations, called the Zend, which show degeneracy.

In spite of reforms by improved compositions and legislative measures the degeneracy of the Gilds proceeded apace.

It is by reason of the widely-reaching influence of their degeneracy that their later history is of importance.

Ignorance contributed to the rapid degeneracy of the people in the old home sections of New York.

The brother was a worthless fellow, who bore every evidence of degeneracy and rarely worked.

Specific houses seem to have in them the very germs of immorality and degeneracy.

But we are to guard against intellectual, political, and moral degeneracy.

But assuredly it is not well with any Commonwealth, when her daughters weep over her degeneracy and disgrace.

The causes of degeneracy are not examined, when its mischief is suffered.