Irrelevancy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Irrelevancy:

Unable to capitalize on the PC boom that began in the mid-eighties, it also found itself largely on the outside of the portable device revolution of the aughts and drifting toward irrelevancy.

The irrelevancy of this detail gives Lætitia an excuse for waiving the cab-question, on which her position is untenable.

The very irrelevancy of the statement, coupled with her calm serenity, was appalling to the old man.

They remind us of that neutral drab which certain religious sects assume to show their own irrelevancy to the world.

“Here,” his nurse answered, with truly feminine irrelevancy.

Of what she did not say, but irrelevancy did not seem to matter.

Her clear-cut thinking sheared away accidental things, fringes of irrelevancy.

She cleared her throat, and added with tart irrelevancy, "I had a letter from Angelica a few weeks ago."

It has none of the whimsical irrelevancy to surroundings characterizing so much of the work to follow, nor its hasty execution.

In fact, irrelevancy appears to the European the chief characteristic of what he sees on the stage of a Japanese theatre.