Rambling [adjective]

Definition of Rambling:

disconnected, wordy

Synonyms of Rambling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rambling:

Sentence/Example of Rambling:

We had to keep watch all last night over the horses to keep them from rambling.

But this is rambling far from the momentous twenty-first of June, my day of triumph.

A girl, a well born girl, rambling the woods all night with her fiancé!

It was a rambling old place that seemed to have been cut out of a barn.

He was lying hard on the place of his pain and rambling in delirium.

She stared about in fear lest some one might be overhearing his rambling talk.

Sir Archy did not wait for the conclusion of this rambling reply.

After rambling about for half an hour, we entered the hall where the bank was held.

The letter was a long and rambling one which need not be reproduced here.

Also, Juan, in his rambling way, spoke of grotesque animals.