Digressive [adjective]

Definition of Digressive:

tending to depart from point

Synonyms of Digressive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Digressive:


Sentence/Example of Digressive:

It is in this incidental and digressive way that we get the description of the Gospel in i. 18-ii.

They were simply digressive, which was to be expected, as elation befogs one's "goal idea."

Several chapters, that seem digressive in an historical light, are to be defended by this consideration.

Isabel had not been so digressive and withholding as he had thought.

Instances might be multiplied of this humorous self-abandonment; but we are growing digressive.

Thirdly, it is very digressive, distressingly so when you are once interested in the story.

She was not a very attentive listener to honest Johns talk, profuse and digressive as that was.

Exasperating as Crabbe's style sometimes is, he seldom bores—never indeed except in his rare passages of digressive reflection.

In a word, my work is digressive, and it is progressive too,—and at the same time.

These are parenthetical and digressive, and, unless your audience is of superior intelligence, will confuse them.