Excursive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Excursive:

Fortunately I was too tired last night to be excursive in fancy, or I might have slept badly.

Such excursive enterprise was alien to the genius of the British colonies.

Anne blushed deeply, and stopped his too excursive discourse by hastily saying that she always respected old folks like him.

His conception of a great work is looser, more excursive, less dramatic.

The open face of nature by sea and land may here enliven the walls, and agree with the excursive feelings of the hour.

But as Bacon was sometimes too excursive to sift particulars, so Hobbes has sometimes wanted a comprehensive view.

The next chapter, on the right of sepulture, appears more excursive than any other in the whole treatise.

Nero politely routed an excursive bug from his path and lay down to listen.

This excursive disposition does not narrow his enjoyment of what is best in town life.

With him she would have the free and useful, the amusing and excursive life of an American woman married to a man of wealth.