Discursive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Discursive:

Now Intelligence possesses them by thought, a thought which is not discursive (but intuitive).

Yet the impulse to discursive commentary must be checked, for plucking flowers is a distraction from comparative botany.

The discursive faculty then becomes what our Shakespeare, with happy precision, calls "discourse of reason."

Who is more discursive than the Autocrat, the Czar of table-talkers; and whose productions are more charming or wiser?

The evidence of such principles is established by a long and discursive psychological discussion.

His essays are disjointed—discursive and eloquent in parts, and bare and meagre in others.

Of course letters enable you to evade some of the difficulties of the novelist's task, to be discursive, allusive and incomplete.

Again, let the required nature be the discursive power of the mind.

The Hous of Fame is too discursive to be really effective as a whole.

It is scarcely necessary after that to add that it is discursive.