Roaming [adjective]

Definition of Roaming:

moving around

Synonyms of Roaming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roaming:


Sentence/Example of Roaming:

He spoke exactly as if he had been a collector who had been roaming the world for curios.

They might have been roaming the world in all directions, without my seeing one of them.

Tell me, where were you roaming with the bundle last night, eh?

He had been roaming the streets ever since—that was a whole day and another night, you know.

Their horses were roaming at will and the still form of Aunt Mercy was at their feet.

Jeff was roaming on, beguiled by his new thoughts and the sound of his own voice.

Yet she had enjoyed their roaming, and her gain from it had been greater than his.

"I hope none of God's bears is roaming about," replied Alice, flippantly.

I am glad it is not one of my relatives who is roaming around like that.

"If he is just roaming around I wonder how he manages to live," said Dave.