Incoherent [adjective]

Definition of Incoherent:


Opposite/Antonyms of Incoherent:

Sentence/Example of Incoherent:

He found himself trying to frame the words, but they broke into incoherent prayers, still to the same grotesque tune.

Miss Temperley found Professor Theobald entertaining, but at times a little incoherent.

With some such incoherent words the doctor caught up a book of prayers from the table and ran out after his wife.

I can hardly say why I have written this incoherent note; except, that I am dispirited, and thirst to talk to you.

"Yes, what he will never get," was the harsh reply, and Farnham only laughed at her incoherent ravings.

Now, when he saw it done, his blood rushed into his head and he burst forth in choked incoherent curses.

Sprawling across the table, his huge head lying upon his hands, she beheld the Chief Factor, mumbling in incoherent phrases.

He muttered a few more words which grew more and more incoherent each instant.

The Countess struggled with sick sobs; half under her breath she murmured incoherent railings and feeble complaints.

Leonard was so incoherent in his excitement, that it was some time before his hearers grasped his meaning.