Uncommunicative [adjective]

Definition of Uncommunicative:

shy, silent

Synonyms of Uncommunicative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncommunicative:

Sentence/Example of Uncommunicative:

A little too uncommunicative for their great circumstances—that is all.

It was Ermie's custom sometimes to be very snappy and uncommunicative.

And even Phineas Finn had grown to be solemn, silent, and uncommunicative.

The elderly gentleman was uncommunicative and merely growled in reply.

Deacon Ira had been tall and gaunt and sunken and uncommunicative.

Take the man who is uncommunicative, or morose or unusually shy.

Mentally there may be depression when the patient is sullen and uncommunicative.

No; Miss Hildreth had always been uncommunicative on all such topics.

The exterior of the palace and all the towers is dull, blank, uncommunicative.

My dear, how uncommunicative you are, and Im dying with curiosity.