Unconnected [adjective]

Definition of Unconnected:


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Sentence/Example of Unconnected:

Her ideas rambled from one subject to another in an unconnected manner.

That's the only incentive you can suggest for spying, unconnected with my affairs?

In broken, unconnected sentences the youth declined all aid or counsel.

If so, the hand that held the lantern may not be unconnected with the hand that held the gun.

The name Lander or Launder is unconnected with these (see p.186).

No one unconnected with it as a profession had anything to do with its duties.

The ordinary English man or woman, unconnected with Oxford, has never heard of them.

Their language is unconnected with any other, except perhaps that of the Finns.

But now we come to another difference, deeper than this, though not unconnected with it.

Their remarks were short and unconnected, but sensible and civil.