Excursion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Excursion:

It’s important that your significant other or family is supportive, since your new obsession will likely become all-consuming, and most of your outdoor excursions will now revolve around searching for animal poop in the woods.

Insulated, waterproof footwear like the Paninaro Omni-Heat Tall Boot will go a long way in making your snow bike or snowshoe excursion a treat rather than a trial.

More time outdoors has been great for dialing in our kit for weekend excursions.

The thought of being able to knock out a three-day excursion with just a single carry-on is tantalizing.

I’ve spent the past two months testing the pack on a handful of short camp-outs and a seven-day family surf excursion, and the SEG42 delivered the organization I desperately needed.

Out gets Uncle David, looking brown and healthy after his northern excursion.

The other day an excursion was arranged to Sondershausen, a town about three hours' ride from Weimar in the cars.

We got back to Weimar about eight in the evening, and this delicious excursion, like all others, had to end.

To my friends ever since I have not failed to recommend the passage of the Butterley tunnel as a desirable pleasure excursion.

From childhood I had longed to see something of the world, and this excursion to Paris was the first gratification of that wish.