Ruination [noun]

Definition of Ruination:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ruination:

Sentence/Example of Ruination:

But this turkey-trot-tango business—it's goin' to be the ruination of the home.

"That child will be my ruination," he muttered, seating himself at the desk.

A man may be bald-headed, and it's genteel; but to be barefooted, it's ruination.

It is ruination to a good book not to cut it right through into the corners.

A fast horse on a farm is ruination to the boys, for it starts them racing and betting.

Ah kin help yo all ward off evil and jinx; ah kin help yo all git a job; ah kin help yo all ovah come the ruination uv yo home.

If this time you don't do what we say it will be your ruination.

These I opened, and exposed the plates to ruination as before.

All of life teaches the aimlessness, the ruination of selfishness.

They're the ruination of the whole business, Davie, and ye know it.