Dumbness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dumbness:

I will not take these dumb boots off and watch my feet swell until they look like novelty slippers.

Still snuggled in your warm bed, you’ll have no reason to reflect that reclining seats are the dumbest airline invention since middle seats.

While that was a hyper-aggressive play call by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams — and a dumb one, since it put single coverage on the only deep weapon the Raiders really have in Henry Ruggs — they played well enough to win all game.

It would have blown my mind—and sounded like the dumbest idea ever.

Most ideas are dumb, and we and everyone else have every right to point that out.

In absolute dumbness Stanton and Cornelia sat listening until the horrid sound died away.

At Oxford Circus they got out, and left me pondering on deafness and dumbness.

This dumbness does not mean that his mouth was silent and did not utter a word, for he prophesied in chapters xxv-xxxii.

He knew so well, how many thousands of times had he seen, that same look of questioning, pitiful in its dumbness.

The stealing out had been fun, but with the freedom of the tops the sense of conspiracy ceased, and gave place to dumbness.