Stupidness [noun]

Definition of Stupidness:


Synonyms of Stupidness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stupidness:

Sentence/Example of Stupidness:

Now I am happy that my head was strong and I didn’t do anything stupid like going to Europe or something like that.

My nose was too big for my face, I was severely underweight, my hair was stupid.

Every gift we buy her is the stupidest thing she has ever seen, and we should have given her cash.

Then there’s a spectrum between that and people who are just trying to dunk on anti-vaxxers for being stupid.

Each side believes that it is motivated purely by reason, facts and compassion, and that the other side is evil and stupid and sincerely wants people to die.

It was stupid because we should have from the very first said that it belongs to Russia, because it was compensation for the enormous, unbelievable damage done to our country.