Pauperism [noun]

Definition of Pauperism:

want; extreme need, often financial

Opposite/Antonyms of Pauperism:

Sentence/Example of Pauperism:

There is no such thing as a descent to pauperism for those who will work.

The weighty fact is this, that pauperism and crime have gained upon us.

The problem is one, and its solution must involve both poverty and pauperism.

Pauperism is a social pest, and it must be rooted out like any other pest.

Quaker Hill taught and practiced the prevention of pauperism—and the prevention of genius!

On the left "able-bodied" pauperism and on the right sickness.

You are largely burdened with the pauperism of other and wealthier districts.

And by the same means we ascertain the dimensions of pauperism and of crime.

But pauperism in March was less than in 1913 and much less than in 1910.

The chances are that the cause of his pauperism is not detected.