Emptiness [noun]

Definition of Emptiness:

void, bareness

Synonyms of Emptiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emptiness:

Sentence/Example of Emptiness:

It felt to him that he simply walked straight out of her life into a world of emptiness and ice and shadows.

In the desolate emptiness of desert that yawned ahead, he saw this single tree that blossomed, and offered shade.

All the election officials present check the complete emptiness of the box.

Augustine, however, had been gifted by chance with a spirit lofty enough to feel the emptiness of such a life.

What must be the horror, darkness and emptiness of those living substances that are "inferior" to us?

What seemed new was the beach and its desolation—its emptiness.

Then, oppressed with a sudden sense of the emptiness of the world, she went into the house.

It made you feel ridiculously self-conscious, standing behind bars like this and shouting into emptiness.

But though it meant finally but emptiness and the struggle to forget, I was powerless to draw back now.

A cold wave swept down my spine, and a sort of emptiness came to the pit of my stomach.